Discover if Cuisine mei wenti is for you ! 


Is it your situation ? 

  • You are busy and have no energy to cook at night time
  • You don’t have the time, the patience or the method to teach your helper/Ayi Western cooking
  • You wish your Kids have varied and balanced meals 
  • Your helper Ayi can cook some basic recipes but always the same one

If you answer « Yes » to one of these situations, then it’s for you !

My passion is cooking and my expertise is guiding your helper step by step in understanding our cultural differences in cooking so that she can become within a few weeks a great cook !

The objective of the program is to give them everyday the proven step-by-step method they need to gain confidence and make fabulous healthy meals for your family :

  • Discover basic differences between western and asian/chinese approach to food
  • Avoid common mistakes in the preparation of healthy dishes
  • Understand the importance of following a recipe carefully
  • How to shop for ingredients, refrigerate, freeze
  • Learn the food pyramid
  • Learn techniques step by step. Each week a topic is discussed, building from simple meals to more advanced ones.


How does it work ?


How does it work


What are the ingredients of my “secret recipe”?

A lot of admiration for helpers/ayis, a pinch of curiosity, a cup of love for sharing, a great spoon of knowledge’s in Chinese and English, an addiction for healthy cooking, and of course like every French people “La Passion” for delicate and healthy cuisine!


What are the Programs ?

Depending on the family needs and the helper/ayi cooking skills, I offer 3 programs:


Forfait rond.002  Forfait rond.003


Here is an example of online material  !

Tudou_onion tart