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Having healthy Western meals every day at home is possible! With these simple and delicious recipes your helper will begin to discover Western cuisine. She can prepare on a daily basis homemade dishes that will remind your whole family of home!

Who is this course for?

Your helper/ayi doesn’t have any idea of what Western cuisine is or she can cook some very basic dishes but do not understand portion size or how to season (too much salt, oil,…) and balance flavors for a western palette.

What is the challenge?

Your helper will become familiar with the foundations of Western cuisine and to prepare simple and tasty dishes. Your helper/ayi will even be able to organize wonderful birthday parties for your kids! Little by little, you will notice her progress and how she will gain confidence.

Major goals achieved 

  • Discover basic differences between western and asian/chinese approach to food (how to shop for ingredients, which tools to use, portion sizes, as well as food storage and hygiene …)
  • Avoid common mistakes in the preparation of healthy dishes: use excess of salt, overcook pasta, freeze twice the same product,…
  • Understand the importance of following a recipe carefully
  • Learn how to set a table (the French way)
  • Learn basic techniques step by step. Each week a topic will be discussed, building from simple techniques to more advanced ones. For instance: I will help teach her what an emulsion is and how to make various salad dressings, how to make a Western soup and how to properly cook pasta, sauté vegetables, braise meat and prepare delicious stews,…Here are some examples of recipes:
  • Soups: Grandma’s vegetable soup, gazpacho
  • Savory tarts: quiche Lorraine, onion tart
  • Veggies: ratatouille, roasted vegetables, gratin
  • Stews: chicken stew, beef bourguignon
  • Pasta : Lasagna, Bolognaise
  • Some sweeter dishes for breakfast and for children’s afternoon snack


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