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Now come daily varied meals! Your ayi/helper is not a beginner anymore. She doesn’t use handfuls of salt or douse dishes in oil, and she properly uses spices to flavor dishes. She is about to become a great cook with confidence and the ability to create a variety of menus. No need for you to think anymore about daily cooking tasks or to worry about your kids’ menus.

Just supervise and enjoy!

Who is this course for?

You have a helper/ayi who is familiar enough with Western cuisine to be able to cook some western style courses but needs to improve her techniques and diversify her portfolio of recipes. She also needs some proper training in terms of nutrition to be able to come up with original well balanced meals.

What is the challenge?

Discover new techniques and ingredients to help her prepare new types of dishes. She will learn what the food pyramid is.  From now on you will be able to enjoy healthy and original meals.

Major goals achieved

  • Be familiar with major differences between western and Chinese/Asian approach to food (quantities, meal organization,..), make proper use of original spices, herbs, cheese for cooking, and condiments …
  • Learn how to set up the table in a more formal way
  • Master techniques of an intermediate level to prepare more advanced dishes in the right quantities. Step by step learn new techniques. Each week a topic will be discussed in order of difficulty. Here are some examples: How to properly use fresh herbs and how to combine them with vegetables and  meat  ( Greek cucumber salad, How to make a moist savory flan (Eggplant flan with Provence tomato sauce), How to perfectly roast vegetables (Vegetables tian), How to make her own chicken stew with delicious side sauces, How to prepare original desserts (Strawberry gazpacho)…
  • Master the food pyramid in order to be able to create balanced menus


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