Free cession

After long and tiring days, you have no energy to spend on cooking. You have a helper but you lack time, method or patience to train her?


  • to avoid planning dinners and dealing with cooking tasks
  • your kids to have balanced and varied meals
  • your helper to take more initiatives


  • a professional to train your home helper to Western cooking in her own language, to help her diversify her recipe portfolio and avoid common mistakes in the preparation of healthy dishes
  • your helper to prepare balanced and delightful 3 courses meal


And you’d like to learn more about Cuisine mei wenti programs?

This discovery session is perfect for you! It’s free, non-binding session and lasts 20 minutes via Skype or Wechat

We will:

  • EXCHANGE about your family needs
  • IDENTIFY your helper’s challenges
  • DEFINE actions together to give your helper the keys to prepare the meals you dream of
  • EXCHANGE ABOUT the programs, the philosophy


In order to sign up for this discovery session, CLICK HERE !