Cooking and multicultural cuisine was always part of my family life. My grandparents lived in Morocco, I was born in the tropical climes of Reunion Island, lived in France, studied in the United States and was expat in China, Spain and China again, which made me very young accustomed to enjoy traveling and world cuisine.

It is in 2006 when I moved to China that i really realized how cooking and a healthy diet was important to me. Debunking the myth that French cuisine is only for experts, I started my first cooking classes in Shanghai teaching Chinese people.

Then I quickly noted the desire of my expat friends to have sometimes at home some French traditional meals made by their ayi (local helper). They tried to teach them some survival recipes : lasagna, pancakes, potato gratin, … but confessed this was not enough to feed a family for several years! They quickly faced various issues : the language barrier, lack of time or desire to teach them. Moreover, they always add the same dilemnas : « my ayi cooks well the first time but then it no longer works, she is afraid to take initiative even with the support of a recipe, I must give her every day ideas because she does not know how to build a balanced menu, she never takes notes then forget what I showed her, she uses too much oil, too much salt, … « .

So I kept these discussions in mind and a few months later after intensive classes of mandarin I founded Cuisine meiwenti cookingschool. I would have never expected the success of the workshops, the interest of the media, even less the pleasure I would have to share my passion with young women curious to discover the western cuisine. I was so proud to see my students so evolved over weeks, touched to see them leaving the training with the diploma under their arm a tear in the eye, and flattered to see the expat families so grateful as their daily lifes was transformed! Unfortunately, I left China in 2009 and left out this beautiful project for which I had invested so much.

Then two events made me back to Cuisine mei wenti. I was so surprised to hear that I will be back to China. And at the end of 2014, I had the pleasure of giving birth to a little girl who gave me the wings to start again.
Sensitive that my family eats healthy, yet I did not have much time to spend on preparing meals. I then resumed Cuisine mei wenti » method and use my blingual cookbook to train my own ayi. She confirmed what I had intuitively understood years ago : the need to understand the Western cuisine as a whole (ingredients, nutrition, constitution of a meal,..). I remember this conversation once she told me, « You know, for all ayis every day is frightening. We have to shop and have to decide what menu to prepare. Not only we lack ideas but we do not know how to build a Western menu. We never really had a chance to see what a western meal looks like. When you’re having dinner, we are already back home!  »
That’s why I decided to revive this training with a particular emphasis on explaining the Western nutrition. As an expat, my life won’t always be in China. So as the use of online devices are so popular, I decided to start an online version of Cuisine mei wenti and help expats and helpers all over the world. This online format would allow me to be with my favorite students regardless the country where I dwell in the world! I recontacted my old customers and receive strong encouragement to start this program!